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In Croatia Sarah & the Romans are one of the hottest country bands. Their unique mix between Polka, Waltz, Marching, Mazurka with Bluegrass and Country music has brought them to the attention of music lover across Croatia. Now they want to spread their wings and bring their music across Europe.

Sarah & the Romans were formed in 2014. The band has nine members which include: two female vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo, contrabass, mandolin, blues-harp and drums.

Their first single, ‘Smoke in the Wind’ was released in 2015 on an exclusive 7” vinyl single record and was chosen in June 2016 by the Akademia Music Awards L.A. as Bluegrass song of the month.

Sarah & The Romans released their debut album ‘First Date’ for the AGR Television Records label (Germany).

The decision to release an album has proved to be a much better solution, a complete story that will surely be the backbone of their later work. Although Bluegrass is basically their musical expression, European elements give a special charm to their debut. (Bojan Mušćet, Cantus)

In their album Sarah & The Romans achieve something that many other groups and performers do not: they give their songs sincerity and passion. You can feel the energy with which this album is accessed. Every song is loyal to the root of the genre. Above all, this style clearly shows that you are dealing with a very modern band that experiments with the most diverse trends. Sarah & The Romans have surely made the surprise album of the year! (Der Rundblick)

From the very first song on the album you get the impression that it is summer. The Bluegrass simply reminds of you of images and scenes of summer and summer activities. In particular the sunset and everything that can be linked to America, and that there is a connection with Country music and the Wild West. (Matej Vidranski, Mixeta)

Sarah & The Romans have produced something, the album ‘First Date’, which can proudly be performed on all local, European and global music scenes. Their music has a message with a universal reach. With their melodies, rhythms, Sarah & The Romans appeal to all audiences. The music from the album ‘First Date’, with its sensitivity and directness, is captivating upon its first listening. The sound of the violin prevails over the instrumental accompaniment, unobtrusively supported by other instruments. The voice of the main vocals as well as the other backing vocals are great for the overall atmosphere of the whole album. All in all – an album without weak moments. (Dragutin Matošević, Barikada)

You simply have to admit that ‘First Date’ is beyond time. Some songs such as ‘In My Baby’s Arms’, ‘Before Dawn’ or ‘Hope’ have easily transmitted through classics of the past. The opening song ‘Fly with Me’ could come directly from the West. That’s why ‘First Date’ sounds like a classic three-piece piece: sometimes a bit old-fashioned, but always with a modern style. Musically, everything is covered, what the heart of Bluegrass and Country music requires. Each song uses guitar, violin, banjo, double bass and drums. Sometimes a trombone and harmonica are added. Hardly traditional. The lyrics are simple and straightforward, however, they reveal a deeper meaning upon closer listening, a beautiful melancholy and captivation, and therefore preserve what the music promises. Every fan of both Bluegrass and Country music must open up here!

Conclusion: honest, passionate, classic. ‘First Date’ by Sarah & The Romans delivers the finest classical Bluegrass and Country music, however, with its own special touches. You should just listen! (Country Music News)