Straw Family

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Project Description

Straw Family – a genuine original family band.


4 musicians and singers from the same family + 3-man rhythm group.

Original material and relevant lyrics about people and family across the generations.

Sally, Carsten, Henriette and Denise Fabricius are backed by a solid rhythm group consisting of bassist Helge Solberg, drummer Carsten Milner, and guitarist Frederik Nordvang.

Straw has in many ways their very own style and sound – Straw Family have some airplay in the US, England and the Netherlands, but is also finding its way to the Danish radio stations – both national and local radio stations.

In Straw’s music, the main ingredients are the girls’ vocal events and Carsten’s characteristic guitar, where the songs feature elements of American folk, country rock, pop music and intense ballads – well-written easily accessible and melodious songs.