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Trailerpark Idlers

Trailerpark Idlers are from Norrkoping/Soderkoping, Sweden, Europe.

Trailerpark Idlers was formed in 2006 by Morgan Hellman, JK Anderson, Magnus Larsson & Gunnar Nilsson. Magnus and Gunnar are since long gone. Ben Dee joined in 2007 and Miss LisaLee in 2008.

Trailerpark Idlers has released twelve albums and are working on #13 that probably will be named “Alligator Days”.

The influences:

Hank Williams, Chuck Berry, Gillian Welch, Bob Wills, Ramones, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Jimmie Rodgers, Rolling Stones, Ernest Tubb etc. etc.


Trialerpark Idlers – Will We Ever Find It Back