Wayne Law

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One of the most talented singer / songwriters in Australian country music today.

Wayne Law’s introduction to and eventual infatuation with music began when his mother would place him in his bassinet under the piano she would play as part of a dance band.

But music was never entertained seriously as a career move until he started writing his own songs.

”I wrote my entire first album within 2 months of writing my first song. I realised that I had something to say and, just as importantly, my own way of saying it. My sound and lyric style and content was different to other country music in Australia at that time and continues to be.”

Awards and recognition from industry and peers alike have followed; Male Vocalist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year among them. But it is the performing of his own songs live to new and varied audiences that drives him.

”Awards are fine. But really it means far less to me than somebody telling me that a Wayne Law song was the first one they learnt on guitar. Or that a song of mine helped them through a tough time, or that a family enjoys dancing to my cd while they clean the house. That’s cool.”