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Cecilia Lindwall

Fantastic Soprano

After her praised debut in La Boheme at The Norwegian National Opera in 2000 and as the winner of the international competition of Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg in Berlin the following year, the Swedish soprano Cecilia Lindwall has been working professionally in Germany, Norway, Denmark and Sweden as a most reputable Concert and Opera Singer.

She has been working with conducters such as Christian Thielemann, Heribert Beissler, Franscesco Corti and Manfred Rosenberg.

Cecilia Lindwall has been awarded scholarship from Ruud-Wallenberg in Norway and Neustadt Meistersingerkurs in Germany

Cecilia Lindwall is trained at The Norwegian State Accademy of Music and The State Accademy of Opera in Oslo, Norway, with Ingrid Bjoner and Mirjana Dancuo as her teachers and she attended Masterclasses with Brigit Fassbender , Håkan Hagegård and Gregory Lamar.