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Singer/songwriter Chris Kläfford (full name Mikael Christoffer Kläfford Sjögren) born in 1989 residing in Lindesberg in Sweden, is considered to be one of the very strongest musical voices to come out of Sweden in a long while.

After paying his dues as a touring musician and songwriter for over ten years, his well deserved breakthrough came with the victory in Swedish IDOL in 2017.

Having the ability and talent to build and maintain a long career, he has been enjoying a strong expansion over one year in terms of productivity, audience and record breaking exposure with a #1 position for radio airplay and magnificent opportunities leading forward to an ever broader and larger audience.

2007-2017; Touring musician

2017; Winner of Swedish IDOL on national TV4

Performance on Swedens biggest summer show on TV

AGT 2019:

Imagine on the AGT: 40milj streams:

Something like me on AGT:


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