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Breaking News: Forever King of Pop officially supported by Jackson Family Foundation   The successful show has entertained over 260.000 people alone in Spain. We are very happy to announce that Forever King of Pop is now officially supported by the Jackson Family Foundation. This means that we have the possibility that a representative of the Jackson Family Foundation attends their pressconference if the dates are previously agreed and fit the schedule of the representative.   Breaking News: Interview with Joseph Jackson about the show „Forever King Of Pop“ Letter from Jackson Family Foundation

GLP arranges the first tour for Forever King of Pop.

Forever King of Pop is the only Michael Jackson Show that has official support by Michael father Joseph Jackson and his Jackson Family Foundation. For Joseph Jackson FKOP represents the values and the philosophy of Michael Jackson in the best way. Moreover he is amazed by the voice and the moves of the double. This cooperation between FKOP and JFF is a big unique selling proposition in comparisson to the other shows on the market.