Peter Marvey

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Peter Marvey was born in Zurich in 1971. He has been fascinated with magic ever since his early childhood. He soon became aware of his talent for this art and invested all his time and energy for it. True to the principle „everything is possible” he was caught doing finger practice under his desk at school. Later on Peter Marvey interrupted his studies to become an architect for his magical passion because he was having more success with it than he had ever dared to dream. Several international juries, prominent people from show business, and even the royal family of Monaco have awarded his art with the highest prizes.

What the audience sees on stage corresponds to  about 1% of his work: daily finger practice, inventing, choreography, psychology, body language, adapting music, lighting technology, show production, experiments, submitting patents, designing construction plans, designing costumes, graphics, building props, materials, mechanics, organisation and logistics as well as co-ordinating the work of many people around the globe.